Describe your experience with cultural diversity

Personal Reflection Part 2: Individual Cultural Diversity ExperienceAfter completing the self-assessment, answer the following questions as a written assignment. Please reply with 700 to 1000 words.1.  After completing two or more of the IAT tests, read your results. In two or three paragraphs, answer the following questions.

  • Which two tests did you take?
  • Were you surprised by your results? Explain (e.g. Do you agree or disagree with the results?). Did you discover any biases that you didn’t know you had? Include the article by Cueller (2017) in your response.
  • In what ways could a bias or prejudice influence your relationship with your coworkers and patients? How could you apply what you learned from these tests?

2. Describe your experience with cultural diversity. Give examples to describe this experience, including personal and work related experiences.

3. In a brief paragraph, discuss worldview. Please address the following:

  • The Purnell article uses the term worldview several times.  How familiar are you with the term worldview? Have you ever taken a class which discussed worldviews? If so, what was the course and where did you take it? If you are not familiar with the term worldview, do some basic internet research to learn about the concept.
  • How would you define worldview and how do different worldviews (e.g. concept of time) affect healthcare?
  • How would you describe a Christian worldview and would a Christian worldview influence a nurse’s practice?

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