describe three types of threats in relation to network security

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Paper organization ( 6 pages) you are

( Use Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced. Ensure you are familier with current APA guide lines as it relates to writing research paper.) (No plagarism and copy of another student paper)

1. Cover page

2.Need introduction paragraph with thesis statement

3.Three different pages with each idea on each pages

4. Concluding paragraph

5.Reference page

6.Follow APA Guide lines


Slide 1 – Cover page with title

Slide 2 – Group names

Slide 3 –Table of Content

Slide 4– Introduction

Slide 5 – Thesis statement

Slides 6,7 and 8 -Different ideas in different paragaraphs

Slide 9- Summary

Slide 10 –References

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