Describe The Role Of A Practitioner-Scholar In Psychology.

assignment has to be 100 original as it goes through a turnitin program. must be in APA format and at least 2 scholarly sources


to complete this discussion.

  • What interested you about the role of a practitioner-scholar within the field of psychology.
  • Write a paragraph summarizing your vision of your career as a practitioner-scholar in psychology.
    • Be sure to include information from the Articulating Your Purpose activity.
    • Consider how the scholar-practitioner learning model can guide your professional development, encouraging you to investigate and critically evaluate relevant theory and research to determine effective best practices that you will use on the job.
  • How does your role as a practitioner-scholar impact your time management action plan? Based on your results on the time management action plan, what adjustments do you think you will need to make to succeed in your studies?
  • How does University Policy 4.02.02: Learner Code of Conduct apply to your ethics as a practitioner-scholar?

Describe the role of a practitioner-scholar in psychology, and define your vision for your career in psychology.

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