Describe the essential beliefs and/or practices of Judaism from the perspective of one of the four major branches

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First paper Prompt

First Paper prompt Due 10/10 

Following are 4 options for writing your first paper. This paper is to be a minimum of 2 full pages, with an Introductory paragraph (including underlined thesis ), at least 3 supporting paragraphs each containing a different supporting idea, and a conclusion. The Usual: MLA protocol, Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc. Minimum of two sources, to be cited on a works cited page as well as within the text per MLA protocol.

Here are the topics to choose from:

1. Describe the essential beliefs and/or practices of Judaism from the perspective of one of the four major branches — Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, or Reconstructionist. What distinguishes the branch in question from the other three?

2.We discussed three major “branches” of Judaism:  Orthodoxy, Reform, and Conservative.  Assume that you have been invited to address the (make-believe) Council for American Judaism’s convention.  You are asked to recommend one of the three branches as the “best” long-term strategy for American Jews.  Using what you know about Judaism and America, explain and defend your choice.

3. The religion of Judaism centers much of its belief upon the idea of the “covenant” between God and the Jewish people. Explain the basics of this idea and provide at least four specific examples from Jewish history, culture, symbols, or rituals to show how this covenant is (or has been) observed.

4. It’s the year 5770 on the Jewish calendar.  You’re asked to talk about three specific “times” that you feel most impacted the history of Judaism.  Select those three times/ events and explain why you believe they were so important.

Due 10/10 via Safe Assignment before 3PM. You must also submit a hard copy to me at the beginning of class on that day.

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