Describe The Circumstances Of A Difficult Face-To-Face Conversation You Have Had In A Professional Setting.

  • 1. First,  briefly describe the circumstances of a difficult face-to-face      conversation you have had in a professional setting. Then recount the specific actions you took to try to resolve the situation, and explain whether or not those actions were effective and why.
  • 2. Applying the learning resources from the week, analyze the difficult conversation and explain what it taught you about your own approach to communication, and the strategies that would help you improve your communication skills. Be sure to provide a rationale as to why you think these strategies would      be effective for you and lead to better results in these types of circumstances.
  • 3. If      you were to face a similar difficult conversation today, explain how you      would prepare for it. Use the weekly Learning Resources and, where      appropriate, your personal and professional experiences to support      conclusions.
  • 4. Finally, how would you prepare for a similar conversation in a virtual setting? How would you handle the difficult conversation differently in a virtual setting versus a face-to-face setting?

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