Depression Campaign

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I need help to edit and provide more details for the Strategy I have written. I need to make sure everything in the assignment’s instructions are clearly covered in this assignment in depth and details.

For this assignment, first develop a few specific and tangible goal(s) and discuss why they are the most valuable to your target audience. Make sure the goals are specific, measurable, tangible like those in the lecture.

Please follow the format below and include each component.
Begin your discussion of the campaign strategy (using the 4 P’s) including:
– Core
– Actual
– Augmented
Monetary costs
Non-monetary costs
– Competition

For the product, clearly list and describe the core, actual, and augmented products your campaign will be offering to your target audience. Each of these should be at least a paragraph or two, with augmented being closer to a half to 3/4 of a page. For the core – how do you know your audience wants that? What are the benefits the product gives them? How can you ensure they know that? For the augmented – what cues to action/reminders do they need (or are you planning to offer them)? What additional items (promotional materials, plans, marketing, etc) are you planning to offer? Provide a FULL list of the augmented products and discuss why they will be important to them.

For the price, describe what it will “cost” your participants. First, describe the monetary cost required for this campaign and how you will alleviate payment if it is of concern. Then describe any non-monetary costs that will be useful for the campaign. Finally, discuss what major competitive behaviors exist against the campaign (or organizations) and how you will minimize their effect? What competitors/behaviors does your target audience face in regards to the health topic you’ve chosen? What are the main barriers they have in what you are asking them to do? Be descriptive and specific.

For the place, where will distribution of your campaign be located and why will that be beneficial? Remember it’s always a good idea to be at the “decision making” point of the campaign, or where the audience is centrally located – even if your campaign will be predominately online/word-of-mouth etc. For instance, will you have a location at the worksite/school/organization? If so, what are the advantages? Will you have a social media component? Again, why? How does it help the distribution of the campaign message/goal and ease the burden on your target audience.

Remember to follow the format or you will not get full credit. Each of these sections needs to have clearly defined and labeled points, and proof as to why you think they are important.


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