Demonstrating Expertise in the Field of Special Education

As an expert in the field of special education, you may be called upon to share your experiences and expertise with colleagues, administrators, district personnel, and/or policy makers on critical matters involving the delivery of educational services and instruction to students with exceptionalities. You may even be called upon to be an advocate to defend the rights of your students and families.

Such opportunities may not always make you a fan favorite. However, you are expected to present the requested information in an honest and respectful manner, sharing the facts and findings of both sides of the position.

For this Assignment, you have the opportunity to demonstrate such characteristics by applying critical reading and thinking skills related to an identified issue in the field of special education.

To prepare:

·         Review all module Learning Resources.

·         Identify at least 4 additional scholarly articles that examine both sides of the position related to your selected issue.

·         Synthesize the articles for and against your identified issue in the field of special education.


·         Summarizes the articles on both sides of the issues (i.e., for and against); as well as the insights you gained from this module’s Discussion

·         Convinces other educators in the field of special education to consider your position as it relates to your issue in special education

·         Considers any counterarguments that may arise

·         Uses research and visuals to support your position

·         Reflects how you have become a critical consumer of research by differentiating reliable and non-reliable information and demonstrating a critical analysis of the information presented as you argue for the need for transformation in the field of special education related to the identified issue

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