Decesion making

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Assignment 1 Research the latest trends of electronic media in
the workplace.

Write a 700- to
1,050-word journal entry in narrative style.

Select and summarize three
specific software products or computer-mediated communication trends. Compare
their advantages and disadvantages.

Analyze areas for
opportunity in your workplace concerning the implementation of specific web
conferencing software by answering the following questions:

  • How would implementing new
    forms of computer-mediated technology affect your organization’s
  • As a manager, how might you
    make computer-mediated communication most effective? Consider any necessary
    training and costs, the challenge of keeping your staff on task during
    virtual meetings or webinars, the use of proper etiquette, the effect of
    computer-mediated communication on team dynamics, and so on.
  • What is the importance of
    managers selecting the appropriate channel for message distribution in the
    Information Age?

Assignment 2 Research current articles about how to
effectively use communication technology to complete this assignment.

Complete Parts
I and II of the University Material: Communication Channel and Context
Matrices. Please use the uploaded context matrix word doc.

3 Review
the HR Ethics Scenarios in the HR Ethics Scenarios

Complete the HR Ethics Scenarios Worksheet.

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