Data Collection Techniques and Conceptual Framework

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The task for the Module 3 SLP assignment is to write a 3- to 4-page that addresses the following items:

  1. Review chosen initial research problem, and revise (as needed) the research questions for the qualitative component of the mixed methods mini-study. Align the research questions in scope and content to the selected research methodology.
  2. Describe the data collection technique(s) that will be uses in the “mini” research study to explore the research problem and collect information about the research questions. Also, develop a protocol for a semi-structured interview.
  3. Develop the questionnaire items (close end),
  4. Remember: This Session Long Project is a “mini” research project addressing only the “qualitative” aspects of the mixed methods used to study the research problem. The sample population may be small so that the data collection and analysis can be managed over the remaining modules.
  5. Submit a table that shows the sample and data and analyze the data.

Make sure the paper is a continuation of the paper attached. this is the subject you should be writing on.

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