Cultural Diversity

Discuss an example from your life or from your observations that illustrates one or more of the concepts or theories you learned about in this week’s readings or audiovisual resources.

Make sure you are clear in describing the course concept or theory that best applies to your experiences or observations. Regardless of which prompt you choose, you are encouraged to use one of the assigned readings or audiovisual resources to support your points. Respond to your classmates’ posts, sharing any commonalities or differences between your classmates’ perspectives and experiences and your own.

Last week you studied the concept of prejudice in relation to discrimination and other sociological aspects of diversity. One element of prejudice is stereotyping, which refers to a process in which people make generalizations about a group of people. Given the media’s pervasiveness in American culture, how the media portrays members of social groups can influence the perceptions of the audience and contribute to or refute common stereotypes.

To learn more about the way in which media represent members of social groups, and the consequences of those representations, read the following resources:

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