CRM is Customer relationship management

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The following question must be answered in very high quality content and writing is required because it is a grad class. Also, the assignments must be APA format and pages must be 5 pages.

Use the attached files to answer the questions.

Here is the prof’s instruction:

To prepare for the case, please answer through analysis the indicated questions for each case. The report should be five pages, 1 ½ spaced, 11 font, not including cover page or any supporting appendixes you deem necessary.


1. Who were the noncustomers of the traditional CRM software industry? What were the

biggest blocks to buyer utility in traditional CRM software offerings? (CRM is Customer relationship management)

2. Discuss in detail the value that was offering to its customers. Consider the types of value we discussed in class.

3. How was able to sustain its market leadership in the on-demand CRM

market vis-à-vis both large players and new entrants for more than a decade?

Ideal case summaries will refer to theories and concepts from the book, as well as what has been discussed in class. The report should not simply repeat the facts of the case but should offer personal insight and interpretation.

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