Critical Annotations

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First, create two columns. Then, as you read, write the author’s main ideas on the left
and your reactions to those ideas on the right side of the page. Be prepared to explain the connection
between your notes and the material you’ve read.

Please note the following with regard to the completion and submission of the critical annotation assignments:

1. Each week’s annotations are to be submitted in ONE typed document with the
chapters individually labeled and annotated and entries numbered. Please note, pictures
of hand written annotations or screen shots are NOT acceptable.

2. Please review the example provided for the required format. No other format, unless
specifically approved by me, will be accepted and will result in the loss of points.

3. While there is no minimum number of annotations required, your work should reflect
the content of the chapter.


Author’s Main Ideas A Student’s Reactions

White drove 200 miles to this bookstore. That’s a long way to drive to a bookstore.

The bookstore was in Micanopy. I found out Micanopy is in Florida.

The bookstore smelled like old books. That’s a distinctive smell that anyone can recognize.

Books were stacked everywhere. I can tell the character of the bookstore and the bookstore
owner from this detail.

A wisteria plant was crawling around the This living plant is a nice contrast to the nonliving books
in bookstore. the bookstore.

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