creative reflection piece

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  1. Your creative contribution to this assignment should focus on your racial identity.
    • In preparation, reflect on the following questions: What is your racial identity? What do you love about that racial identity? What are struggles you have about your racial identity? Have you experienced racial bias or been the target of discrimination or prejudice? How do you work to eradicate racial bigotry?
      • You are not required to submit your answers to the questions above. If you choose to include these questions, give yourself 5 points extra credit. Note your points on your extra credit tracker form.
  1. Everyone must include an “I am Poem.”
  2. Your creative reflection must also include a visual piece that can take the form of a short-story (including an illustration), drawing, spoken-word piece, song/lyrics, collage, or any other forms of expression.
    • You may integrate your I Am Poem and your visual creation into one-page. In other words, you might consider writing your I Am Poem on paper and then creating a collage around the poem. One you have completed your art piece, you can scan and include your picture with Part I & II of the midterm assignment.
  3. Some examples include:

The mural by Celica Ledesma in the Honors College depicts slogans such as ‘TEXAS STATE DOESN’T HATE!’ and ‘AMERICA NOT AMERIKKKA’. In light of recent events, these messages are even more relevant as the fall 2017 semester begins.
Photo by Robert Black (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. | Staff Photographer

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