Create a paper for the The Defense/Respondent

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You will gather and submit your packet of information for the Defense. This will consist of the Respondent’s counter-complaints (if there are any) and arguments, the law(s) that speaks to the breach as well as at least ONE case that supports the Respondent’s position in the case. Finally, in closing, you will submit why the Judge should decide the case in the Respondent’s favor.

Here are some points that need to be included in paper.

  • Defenses counter-complaints
  • Defenses arguments
  • Law regarding defenses arguments
  • One supportive case
  • Relief asked from the court and why

I will attach the contract I created, and the Plaintiff part of the project. You need to flow from the first two papers I wrote, The Plaintiff paper was graded a C- because (“You are on the right track with this but there are two things missing – more of a format of a complain. I provided a resource for your review. Also, you mention laws should be applied but the directions are actually to find a law – for example, jurisdiction for the court to hear the case found in your state statutes or something along the lines of your situation”.) Make sure to make something up to fix that. This needs to be like 3 pages of body That is NOT including the Cover page and reference page.

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