Create a hypothesis on an ethical issue.

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Please create a hypothesis on an ethical issue you have seen during class so far to which you feel you could add original content to the literature. Once you have this hypothesis, create an introduction and provide a literature review of scholarly journal articles that address the topic. These can be found in the APUS library article database. You should have no fewer than 15 journals as sources, cited in the correct APA format. Once you have established that there is a gap in the literature to which you can add original content, please provide a proposed methodology you might use to support your research. You will stop short of actually doing the research for this exercise but it will be a useful exercise for those looking to complete a thesis as their end of program assessment. The paper should consist of an introduction where the hypothesis is introduced (1 page) followed by the lit review (10-15 pages) and the methodology section (2 -3 pages). For more on the specifics of each of these sections, please see and

Briefly, remember to organize the literature review by topic not by author. When you organize by summarizing each article, that is a annotated bibliography–which is NOT what we want. The synthesis matrix I’ve attached to the instructions should be helpful to show you how to do this.

The methodology needs to tell how you will collect data (if you were doing the complete paper) and must give enough detail so that someone duplicating your work can follow your directions and have similar results. (For example, if you would do a survey, tell what it would be about, how many participants you would have, why you would have that many, how you would choose the participants and so forth. Then, you’d include a questionnaire for the survey as Appendix A.

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