Core functions of hr

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Not only do managers oversee functional processes in company, they also have to manage people. Human Resources (HR) is the primary way that companies manage people and HR assists managers with areas such as hiring, training, employment law, performance management, employee benefits, and compensation. They also use organizational behavior principles to build positive employees relations. Reflect back on what you have learned in your program on HR and organizational behavior. Please review the following article on HR:

Then as a refresher, research both topics and answer the following questions:

  • You are a manager working with a recruiter to hire a new employee, what steps should you take to hire them? 
  • Your new employee just started, how would you explain each area of HR to them? 
  • What principles of organizational behavior could help you build your team? 
  • What leadership theories and skills would you use to successful lead your team?

12/22/22, 4:23 PMCore Functions of HR | Human Resource Management

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Core Functions of HR
Human resources (HR) professionals conduct a wide variety of tasks within an organizational
structure. A brief review of the core functions of human resource departments will be useful in
framing the more common activities a human resource professional will conduct. The core
functions can be summarized as:

This includes the activities of hiring new full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors,
and terminating employee contracts

Staffing activities include:
Identifying and fulfilling talent needs (through recruitment, primarily)

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12/22/22, 4:23 PMCore Functions of HR | Human Resource Management

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Utilizing various recruitment technologies to acquire a high volume of applicants (and to filter
based on experience)
Terminating contracts when necessary
Maintaining ethical hiring practices and aligning with the regulatory environment
Writing employee contracts and negotiating salary and benefits

On-boarding new employees and providing resources for continued development is a key
investment for organizations, and HR is charged with maintaining a developmental approach to
existing human resources.

Development activities include:
Training and preparing new employees for their role
Providing training opportunities (internal training, educational programs, conferences, etc.) to
keep employees up to date in their respective fields
Preparing management prospects and providing feedback to employees and managers

Salary and benefits are also within the scope of human resource management. This includes
identifying appropriate compensation based on role, performance, and legal requirements.

Compensation activities include:
Setting compensation levels to match the market, using benchmarks such as industry
standards for a given job function
Negotiating group health insurance rates, retirement plans, and other benefits with third party
Discussing raises and other compensation increases and/or decreases with employees in the
Ensuring compliance with legal and cultural expectations when it comes to employee

Safety and Health
Achieving best practices in various industries include careful considering of safety and health
concerns for employees.

Safety and health activities include:
Ensuring compliance with legal requirements based on job function for safety measures (i.e.
hard hats in construction, available counseling for law enforcement, appropriate safety
equipment for chemists, etc.)
Implementing new safety measures when laws change in a given industry
Discussing safety and compliance with relevant government departments
Discussing safety and compliance with unions

Employee and Labor Relations
Defending employee rights, coordinating with unions, and mediating disagreements between
the organization and its human resources is also a core HR function.

Employee and labor relations activities include:
Mediating disagreements between employees and employers
Mediating disagreements between employees and other employees
Considering claims of harassment and other workplace abuses











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12/22/22, 4:23 PMCore Functions of HR | Human Resource Management

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12/22/22, 4:23 PMCore Functions of HR | Human Resource Management

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You are a manager working with a recruiter to hire a new employee, what steps should you take hire them?

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Your new employee just started, how would you explain each area of HR to them?

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What principles of organizational behavior could help you build your team?

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What leadership theories and skills would you use to successful lead your team?

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Gliddon, D. G., & Rothwell, W. J. (2018).
Innovation leadership. Routledge.

Khan, M. A., Ismail, F. B., Altaf, H., & Basheer, A. (2020). The interplay of leadership styles, innovative work behavior, organizational culture, and organizational citizenship behavior.
Sage Open,

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Where’s the boss? And what counts as “work”? The Society Pages.

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