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Convert your second shell script (User Maintenance) into a Perl script. This Perl script must perform the following tasks:

  • Generate a menu to ask the system administrator for the task that he or she would like to see performed.
  • The available tasks are as follows:
    • Create a UNIX group.
    • Drop a UNIX group.
    • Create a user.
    • Drop a user.
  • Prompt the user for the choice, and perform the system command.
  • In addition, check to make sure that before creating either the user or the group that neither already exists; if it does already exist, print out the existing user ID, comment field, and home directory locations from the password file.

Include a discussion about what regular expressions are and how Perl efficiently includes regular expression processing in the language. Be sure to state examples.

  • Add the Perl code and the discussion about Regular Expressions to the project template section “Writing Perl Programs.”

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