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Please write at least 400 words for the following question.

Please describe how you bend your arm, starting with action potentials and ending with
the contraction of a muscle.

    1. Drugs are often used to relax muscles during surgery. Which of the following
      chemicals do you think would make the best muscle relaxant and why? Chemical
      A: Blocks acetylcholine receptors on muscle cells, Chemical B: Floods the
      cytoplasm of muscle cells with calcium ions.

    2. The greatest concentration of thoroughbred horse farms is in the bluegrass region
      of Kentucky. The grass in the limestone-based soil of this area is especially rich in
      calcium. How does this grass affect the development of championship horses?

    3. When a person dies, muscles become rigid and fixed in position, a condition
      known as rigor mortis. What is going on to cause this? Please explain, in terms of
      the molecular mechanism of contraction, why muscles become rigid, rather than
      limp, soon after death.

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