Contextual Factors and Behavioral Channels, HRM2 questions help

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Must be able to pass all originality tests. 

Contextual Factors and Behavioral Channels”
Please respond to the following:

Design a table using three (3) of the six (6)
contextual factors (e.g., environmental uncertainty, task uncertainty, error
criticality, task structure, proximity to the organization’s core mission, and
organizational structure). For each contextual factor, create one (1) brief
scenario that is beyond management’s control. Then, develop one (1) corrective
action to increase the management success. Note: You may use
Microsoft Word or other equivalent software to design the table and then copy
and paste it into the discussion board.

Use the Internet to research different leadership
styles. Next, select the behavioral channel of influence that you believe
promotes the most effective learning in your organization or an organization
with which you are familiar. Then, specify the most effective leadership style
to influence the workforce. Justify your response.

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