Construct Sales Promotion Tactics

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Every sales promotion tactic a company uses will have different objectives.

As part of any integrated program, sales promotion has different functions than other marcom tools. Advertising is usually viewed as a longer-term investment since it builds brand equity by establishing a consistent image or feeling about the brand over time. In contrast, sales promotions are more immediate, involving a finite time period. In return for taking action, sales promotions offer consumers something more tangible.

Many of the reasons for using sales promotion focus around new product launches and how sales promotions can deliver trial. Sales promotion can make consumers more brand aware and generate trial as well as persuade them to buy the product again once they have tried it. It can push the product through the distribution channel by generating positive brand experiences among resellers and buyers. It is also good for building traffic for a retailer.

Promotions can also build a brand over time by reinforcing advertising images and messages. Promotions can create an affinity between brands and buyers by creating brand involvement and positive experiences that people associate with the brand. When used for brand building, the primary objective in most marketing communication programs is to build brand awareness as well as drive behavior.

Promotions are not effective in achieving all marketing objectives. For example, promotions cannot do much to change negative attitudes toward a product, overcome product problems, or reposition a brand.

Go online through the Purdue Global Library or directly to the internet and locate both a “contest” and a “sweepstakes” (These will be for two different products.)

  1. Briefly describe the contest and sweepstakes you found and provide a link to their sites.
  2. What is the main difference between a contest and a sweepstakes?
    Describe the differences you found between your selections.
  3. What are the two main components of prizes rendered in contests and sweepstakes?
    Describe the components of the prizes found in your selections.
  4. What role do the internet and social media play in offering contests and sweepstakes?

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