Compliance Indicators and Personal Application

Week 5 – Journal

Compliance Indicators and Personal Application

Review the Health Care Compliance Association’s Evaluating and Improving a Compliance Program (Links to an external site.). Choose and discuss one of the indicators presented in the HCCA reading in relation to an organization or agency that you have worked for or are familiar with.

· How did your agency’s compliance program support this specific indicator?

· What could have been done to improve your agency’s compliance efforts?

Self-Evaluation and Personal Goal Setting

· Do you think some (or all) of these indicators could be used as a method for self-evaluation for individuals involved in healthcare compliance? Why or why not?

· How could you evaluate yourself as an individual in relation to these indicators, in whatever field you work presently (or even as a student)? Are there some indicators that are more applicable to you than others?

· How do you think you could use these indicators as a tool for personal goal setting in- and outside the field of healthcare compliance?

Your journal entry may be informally written in first person and should consist of approximately 350-500 words.

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