Complete two Tasks for Polotical Science and Writing Course

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GROUP; Al Queda…I have attached one of my previous papers to review…

For Paper Four, you are going to complete your research into your selected Group/Individual. For this, you will need the concepts discussed in Chapters 14-16 of the Nacos Text:

Chapter 14: Terrorist Propaganda and the Media

Chapter 15: Terror and Hate in Cyberspace

Chapter 16: Counterterrorism in the News

Select TWO final articles (media focused) on your selected group/individual and read them thoroughly. Use the Grantham Library and EBSCO to assist. Stick to Journals and avoid relying on the Washington Post and NY Times.

In a well-written paper, describe how the media has reported on your selected organization/individual and evaluate the coverage using the concepts discussed in the Nacos text. In addition, describe how your selected organization/individual used media sources, propaganda, cyberspace, and advertisement to further their ideological, social, and/or political goals.

Draw some conclusions: does the media, social networking, and cyberspace impede or facilitate counterterrorism efforts? If so, then how and why?

What recommendations would you provide the U.S. Government regarding media, social media, and the internet to better combat terrorism?

Your submission will be a minimum of 4 pages and not to exceed 6 pages, excluding the Title Page and Reference Page. You will use APA Standard Format (1″ Margins, Times New Roman, 12-point Font, and Double Spacing. No extra space between paragraphs). There will now be at least NINE (three from Paper One, two for Paper Two, two for Paper Three, and two for Paper Four) scholarly references in addition to the Textbook (that means at least TEN references total).


Comparing and Contrasting Research Designs

Pick from at least two of the 16 research designs. In a 500-750 word essay, compare and contrast the outcomes that would be derived from each design. Your essay should strictly follow APA formatting, citation, and style guidelines. Include a treatment of at least one scholarly article per design you choose that employs the particular design.

For example, if you choose to compare and contrast ethnographic research to case study research, you should include a treatment of at least one ethnographic study and at least one case study. These articles should not be about the design itself, but rather demonstrate the design as it is applied.

Use the following questions to help guide your essay:

· Which design would be practical for a large study?

· Which one would be practical for a small study?

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