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1: BM

Failure Happens. Where Do You Go Next?

We don’t always succeed at everything we try, but failure is not necessarily a bad thing. What is really important regarding failure is what we do AFTER we fail.

Sometimes we learn something about ourselves, make changes, try again and succeed… the point is that a failure can be a true learning experience and/or a growth experience.

In this post, you will:

  1. Share a personal experience of a failure which became a lesson or growth experience.
  2. Describe the situation.
  3. Share your feelings at the time of the failure and your feelings at some point after the failure.
  4. Describe how you found the courage/strength/grit to move forward, try again…
  5. Explain what the experience taught you and how you will continue to apply what you learned.

2: BM

For this week’s discussion, think of a time you were misinformed about something. Try to think of a time you were receiving information such as how to do something or how does something work for example and it turned out to be wrong. How did you react? How did you get back on the right track? Was the information giver helpful in getting you corrected? Was the misinformation a simple misunderstanding, or was it intentional? Discuss the importance of being forthcoming when giving information and how it can affect you and your relationship with the person giving the information.

3: CA

To maximize profit, a price taker will expand its output as long as the sale of additional units adds more to revenues (marginal revenues) than to costs (marginal costs). Therefore, the profit-maximizing price taker will produce the output level at which marginal revenue (and price) equals marginal cost.

In a price-taker market, if a business produces efficiently (i.e., that is, where marginal revenues = marginal costs), the firm will be able to make at least a normal profit. True of False. Explain.

All firms produce where MR=MC. Price takers produce and price where P=ATC=MC=MR. That is the “normal profit” level. Profits above that level are considered “economic profits.” Review economic profits, normal profits, explicit costs, and implicit costs.

4: CA

Natural Selection

Darwin’s concept of natural selection describes the process used by organisms to maximize success within their surrounding environment. In your discussion, provide details on an example of natural selection and also discuss how natural selection impacts the evolution process.

5: KW

Fraud and Abuse in Medicare Billing

Discuss Fraud and Abuse in Medicare billing. What policies and procedures to you think should be implemented to make sure healthcare providers remain in compliance?

6: KW

In the USA, asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism. On average, in a classroom of 30 children, about three are likely to have asthma. Asthma-friendly schools are those that make the effort to create safe and supportive learning environments for students with asthma. They have policies and procedures that allow students to successfully manage their asthma. Identify all ICD 10 CM asthma codes and respond to this absenteeism statement by identifying asthma triggers and what schools and families can do to reduce the incidence of asthma attacks and therefore absenteeism.

7: TB

Job Interview

Public speaking is an essential and critical part of a job interview. What are some techniques or practices for verbal communication that might be helpful during a job interview? Find some online articles or videos containing helpful tools for a job interview; let us know what you find! Make sure these resources are scholarly, in that they are based off someone’s experience or research. If the author doesn’t mention these tips came from experience then it’s best to keep searching. Make sure you post the website for others to use later.

Of equal importance is nonverbal communication: what are some tips and tricks to leaving a positive impact or lasting impression? Fall back on your own experience to respond to this question. Finally, how does being interviewed relate to selling an item (think of this week’s assignment)?

In your initial post:

First provide a citation of your source. Summarize what you found and why it’s useful in approximately 150 words. Give some of your own tips from experience or advice you’ve been given!

8: TB

Propose a Change

In your initial discussion post this week present an argument that proposes one change to our electoral system. (Please note, it will not be acceptable to say you do not think any change should be made.)

Several possible changes to could be:

  • Eliminating the Electoral College
  • Instituting required Voter ID
  • Allowing felons to vote.
  • Mandatory voting.
  • Instituting an Election Day Holiday in which all Americans do not have to vote.
  • You may also get creative and come up with your own original change!

Just be sure to go beyond just stating what change you want to make, but present an argument for why we should make that change and how that change would improve our electoral system.

In your argument, do not use words like “fair” or “good” or “better” or “equal” – how do you measure what is or is not “fair”? What if you and I have different definitions of what is or is not fair (these are not universal terms)?

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