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Use the following chapter to help complete the discussion questions below. (NO REPEATING OF INFORMATION) (NO PLAGIARISM) (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW) please cite and add references from the book.

1.(Respond back to question between 110-125 words) Workers experience frustration and decreased job satisfaction when it comes to absenteeism and heavy work loads for those left to do the work. How can we as managers motivate our employees and encourage them so that they know their value to the company? When employees feel that management supports and respects them, then sometimes this will cultivate a feeling of ownership of responsibility. It’s always worth a try to put a positive spin on situations, even though we know that there will continue to be challenges. A reason that both patient and employee satisfaction is important in health care is because hospitals’ reimbursement is affected by patient satisfaction surveys. Employee satisfaction is important in meeting regulatory requirements because for long term care the regulations are now specific about the need for employees to be less stressed.

A couple of months ago I did a staff education about our Quality Assurance program at which time I assigned every facility employee to one of four quality teams. Each team is made up of employees from all departments, and all ranks of professionals. So, for example on one committee there would be someone from activities, a nurse, someone from dietary, housekeeping, and other departments. A mix of managers and workers comprise each team.

I would like for ya’ll to take a look at one of the videos I showed our staff. I really like this one, and it went along with my meeting because all departments of a hospital are represented here as we view one particular patient’s experience. take a look please:

For print of the audio, click on the closed caption icon on the bottom bar under the video screen.

Now that you’ve seen the video, please begin a discussion. I’d like to think about all of the contributions of the entire team.

2. )(Respond back to question between 110-125 words)Let’s think through some strategies a manager might use when expenses are steadily growing. One way that a business keeps expenses in check is to have a balance of both part time and full time employees.

In thinking about part-time workers, from experience I know that part-timers can be beneficial to the organization when the part-time job is a good fit for the person. Also I’ve learned that when expenses start to climb and there are job openings, an organization can hire two part time people versus one full-time person with benefits and can save money by doing so.

Research on part time employees is fairly limited, however available data suggests that part time employees, especially students, feel extremely invested in their jobs and find value in the experience they are receiving which motivates them to be more engaged (Sollitto, Martin, Dusic, Gibbons, and Wagenhouser (2016).

Class: We know that a business benefits financially from employing part-time workers because there are little to no benefits which decreases expenses. What other advantages can you think of that would substantiate employing part-time workers? What disadvantages might there be? And, how would a business maintain a healthy balance between the number of full and part-time workers? Please discuss.

Read Ch. 4 of Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making (6th ed.).

3.)(Respond back to question between 110-125 words)Chapter 4 gives us good information about the accounting cycle, and the steps that are taken from the initiation of a transaction through its inclusion on the organization’s trial balance report. There are times when the accountant must make adjusting entries; they are routine entries that are required in order that accounting provides a true pictures of a specific time period.

Why are adjusting journal entries necessary? What would be the effect if a corporation failed to journalize and post adjusting entries? Please consider these questions and begin a discussion.

Read Ch. 4 of Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making (6th ed.).

4.) Read Ch.4 and write your thoughts on the chapter between 90-100 words.

Read Appendix K of Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making (6th ed.).

5.)Read Appendix K of Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making (6th ed.). Write your thoughts on the chapter between 90-100 words

Read Appendix L of Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making (6th ed.).

6.) Respond back to question between 110-125 words)We are learning about debits and credits, and how that each line entry that includes debits and credits that balance form the data for financial statements. Each business entry or transaction will affect financial statements; every entry that affects the income statement will also affect the balance sheet. There are entries that don’t affect the income statement but do affect balance sheet accounts, i.e. both the debit and credit could be for balance sheet accounts.

Think deeper about how income statement transactions affect the balance sheet. For example, an expense that is paid for at the time the transaction is posted would be a debit to the expense account and a credit to either accounts receivable or cash (balance sheet). And revenue earned would show up as a credit to revenue (income statement) and a debit to either cash or accounts receivable (asset accounts). When we use T accounts to think through how transactions are properly posted, we can get a good visual that helps us to better understand debits and credits.

Please take a look at this you tube video. I like this particular video because it is explanatory and gives good visuals to substantiate what the teacher is trying to convey. For print of the audio, click on the closed caption icon on the right hand side of the bottom bar of the video.

After reviewing the video, please discuss anything particular that you have learned from it. Has this video helped you to better understand debits and credits? I look forward to your discussion.

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