Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Contrary to allopathic
opinion, there are plenty of studies validating the use of CAM
treatments for not only prevention of disease, but also for treatment of
active disease. The herb/spice curcumin for example has over 7400
citations in PubMed for treating and preventing a diverse array of
conditions…everything from cancer to depression to diabetes to
osteoporosis. The preponderance of the evidence reveals that curcumin
has significant anti-inflammatory activity and thus is useful in the
management of many diseases that can result from overexpression on
inflammatory chemicals in the body, however mainstream medicine stops
short of accepting it as having these properties. Herbs cannot be
patented by pharmaceutical companies (so there is little to no money to
be made from them in terms of medications) so what role you think this
fact plays in the lack of acceptance of CAM therapies that have a
significant scientific research portfolio? 

need a response 100-150 words, with credible reference : only .org or edu or academic textbook

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