Comparison: A poem and a story

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I need one and a half page Draft today! It does not have to be perfect. The rest is due in three days! For the draft, if done, I will tip at the end of the assignment.

Plan, draft, and polish an essay in which you consider how the author of your choice uses literary elements to convey the themes of Conformity & Rebellion and connect to another literary work. You should use textual references and quotations to support your assertions. Be sure to cite at least two secondary sources, one of which may be our text.

The Poem I picked is Dulce Et Decorum Est by WILFRED OWEN. You can pick any short story you want from the list I posted below. Please make sure you read the attachment carefully!

The reading list:

-> Bartleby, The Scrivener by H. Melville

-> A Hunger Artist by Kafka

-> Battle Royal by Ralph E

-> The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

-> Two Kinds by Amy Tan

-> Safari by Jennifer Egan

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