Compare and contrast leadership style for two historical figures

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Develop and write an APA formatted 4 to 6 page paper that compares and contrasts the leadership styles and scope of influence of 2 historical figures. Remember, this is to be a perspective on leadership that requires you to perform research and analysis into how these leaders viewed themselves, and how others viewed them.

1. What made each an effective leader?

2. How did each influence the lives of others positively or negatively?

3. How will each be remembered in history?

4. Would you consider either of them servant-leader types?(Define servant leader)


1. APA style formatting is required for each written assignment. Please use the APA 6th edition.

2. All papers are to consist of original composition, double spaced, 12 type font in Times New Roman.

3. The page length requirement does not include the title page, abstract or reference pages.

4. Papers should begin with an introduction and should end with a conclusion.

5. The body of the paper must include citations according to the APA style format.

6. Every assignment should contain at least six peer reviewed references.and every citation must match the reference

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