Company Background

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For the course-long business profile project, you need to build a comprehensive Business Profile of an actual business. I recommend a publicly traded firm (a firm with stocks traded on stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq) so you can get as much free information as possible from online sites such as Yahoo! Finance or For this first graded assignment of Business Profile final project, you need to develop a 2-4 page document (12 font, double-space) on the background of the firm/company you chose for your semester-long business profile project. You can again use Yahoo! Finance or to conduct research. For a sample assignment, click on the sample Assignment #1 attached.

Please include the following areas:

  • Firm Name (5 pts)
  • Headquarter Location (5 pts)
  • Key Products and Services (15 pts)
  • Key Customers (15 pts)
  • Forms of Business Ownership (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, etc.) (5 pts)
  • Key Competitive Advantages (i.e. what makes the firm unique and competitive compared to other firms in the industry? Sample key competitive advantages may include brand name, financial strength, high quality products and services, etc.) (30 pts)You are recommended to use the bullet format as listed above.Please use the following convention for file name: for example FPjlf1.rtf, where FP stands for final project, followed by the first letter of your first name and first 3 letters of your last name, where 1 represents the first project assignment, and .rtf as the file type for “rich text files”, regardless of the word processor you are using. Then upload the file here on the Canvas site for submission. Failure to follow naming convention will result in deduction of points in your grade.
  • Company Background

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