communication within the workplace

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Write an academic paper that addresses and includes the following topics:

  • Detail the value of communication within the workplace and within personal relationships.
  • Analyze key differences and similarities between the skills needed in the different environments.
  • Discuss how to improve the essential skills needed.
  • Finally, include the role of the Lord in our conversations, and how we can maintain a biblical worldview when interacting within a secular work place.

Your paper must be:

  • 2 – 3 pages in length (not including the cover page and reference page).
  • Constructed using an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion with quality college-level writing.
  • Written in Word using APA format.
  • A cover page.
  • Assignment written in Times New Roman font (size 12), double spaced.
  • In-text citations to support main points.
  • A reference page with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support.
  • Note: The Concise Rules of APA Style and the APA Style Blog are helpful resources for APA requirements.
  • Supported by specific references from this session’s reading and viewing resources.
  • Supported by Scripture. The Bible does not need to be included in the reference page because it is considered a classical work. Note the Bible references and version of the Bible used as in-text citations. Example: (Psalm 100:1-2, NIV)

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