Communicating to Diverse Groups

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  • Communicating Information to Diverse Groups


    Emergency managers often work with the media to communicate important messages. During a disaster, the messages provided by emergency management officials may significantly change the outcome of a disaster and influence community perceptions about the incident. In this discussion you will assume the role of the public information officer (PIO) for the scenario you chose for your Unit 7 assignment, describing the role of the PIO and writing a press release for the scenario. Refer to the FEMA Incident Management Checklist for the PIO (linked in Resources) and your text for assistance with this discussion.


    Complete the following:

    1. Describe the role and responsibilities of a PIO in an EOC environment.
    2. Identify the scenario that was the focus of your Unit 7 assignment.
    3. Write a comprehensive press release on behalf of the incident commander to notify the community that steps are being taken to resolve the incident and to identify the operational objectives for the next twelve hours (use the objectives you developed in the unit 7 assignment).

    Review the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for more information on how your participation in discussions will be graded.

    Response Guidelines

    Respond to the posts of at least two learners, providing substantive feedback to build a full understanding of the role of a PIO during a disaster. Offer additional perspectives of the various roles and responsibilities of the PIO and provide feedback on the press release: is the message clear?

    Learning Components

    This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

    • Consider communications needs and formats to reach diverse groups.


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