College Mathematics Discussion 5 post

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This module covers Chapter 11, Section 11.1 to 11.4 and focuses on probability. One common example of probability is the daily or weekly lottery. Have you ever seen those drawings where they use ping-pong balls to select random numbers? If you calculate the chances of winning, they are pretty poor. For this week, I want you to design your own lottery and have another student assess the chances of winning. Keep it simple … you could use dice, balls with numbers, or some other approach.

Example initial post … I would like to design a lottery where there are 3 dice in a bag. The person will pick one dice at a time and record the number. In the end, we will have a sequence of 3 numbers. What is the chance of winning my game?

Example response post … Since there are 6 sides to each dice, each selection has 6 different possible outcomes. Since we make 3 selections, the total number of outcomes is 6^3 = 6*6*6 = 216. So, our chances (or probability) of getting any single outcome is 1/216 or 1 out of 216. Another way to think of this is 1/216 = 0.004629 = 0.46% chance of winning.

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