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The style that relates best is the Coaching Leadership. The reason for this is because whenever you learn something you have to grasp it. To grasp it, you either comprehend, study, do hands on, or work in training groups.  style values Leadership by encouraging, understanding, making a person comfortable with who they are. This is a wonderful skill because you come in contact with so many people that don’t understand logic; or just don’t care. I already apply this Leadership to my everyday life with my coaching and also with my business practices. If someone needs help i have no problem lending a hand.This course was very challenging to me at the fact that i was not able to grab a text book to study or comprehend. I work full time and am always on the computer and also studies online. Everything being online with no down time of reading or studying off the computer is a little stressful. I did manage and learned a lot though.

Agree or disagree with this post with 2-3 sentences.

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