child protective services

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This assignment takes you back to the child protective services case we have been following throughout the course, especially your interview with the mother of the young girl who was found to have been severely beaten for receiving a “B”. Recall her mother is a teacher in the school district, her father is a professional, and her older brother was an honor student who is now attending a major university.

You have asked to speak to the girl’s mother who asks that you come to her home since she does not want anyone in the school to be aware of Child Protective Services involvement with her family. She greets you at her attractive suburban home, offers youtea or coffee, smiles sweetly and says “Why in the world would someone from your agency want to become involved with my family? You know how it is with teenage girls. I am sure this is just a mix up.” You tell her of the physical findings of the nurse and your concern about the nature and extent of the injuries. Her bright smile becomes tighter and tighter. Eventually, she bursts out “What gives you the right to come into my home and make such ridiculous accusations? Don’t you know that I am a well-educated educator with a master’s degree? My husband is a well-respected professional. We have many friends at all levels of government and know many attorneys. I’ll bet you don’t even have the basic credentials needed to be a caseworker. I’ll report you to your boss! By next Monday, you won’t have a job and I’ll see that you never work in human services in this county again. If your agency doesn’t fire you, I’ll make sure that this travesty is exposed in the newspapers, and, if necessary will sue the county”. Discuss how you would respond including how you would deal with your own initial response to this belligerent attitude, how you would go about defusing the hostility, concerns you would have about veracity of this witness, and how you would work with your supervisor to protect yourself and the agency from her hostility.

Think about other hostile encounters you are likely to have in Child Protective Services. What techniques do you think would work best with uncooperative subjects in your chosen field. Note: Explore the various materials and links associated with this chapter.

Create a discussion response of 2 pages and talk with your instructor and others about this case.

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