chief risk officer implementations

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You are the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for a small community bank located in a town of about 100,000 people. The institution has one building, which is the bank itself. The bank has a two-lane drive-through, as well as a walk-up automated teller machine. There are 18 full-time employees and 12 part-time employees. Your job as the CRO is to design a complete risk management program, covering both perspectives of traditional risk management and financial enterprise risk management.

In your paper, go through the step-by-step risk management processes that were presented in the course (see Module 4 in particular). Identify and address at minimum ten risks, with at least three each from traditional risks (pure risks) and financial risks (speculative risks). You are expected to provide clarity and thoroughness in your explanations, and focus on risks that would legitimately concern a competent business owner/bank manager. Please do not choose trivial examples.

For each risk you identified, explain how meeting that risk will meet one of the organizational goals listed below. They are:

  • Tolerable Uncertainty
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Survival
  • Business Continuity
  • Earnings Stability
  • Profitability and Growth
  • Social Responsibility
  • Economy of Risk Management Operations.


  • Your Portfolio Project must be completed in a Word document of 8-10 pages, not including the title and reference pages.
  • Cite and integrate at minimum six supportive sources, one of which may be the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to do your research.
  • Spend time to ensure that all formatting complies with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final product.
  • Be sure to examine the Portfolio Project grading rubric, found in the Module 8 folder, to see how you will be graded and to guide your project writing and organization.

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