characteristics and trends of the healthy eating product category and consumer market, and future opportunities.

Hello everyone, I am going to post one of my marketing assignment carries 30 percentage of marks. you have to analyze the case that I have posted on rich products and healthy eating consumers: corporate ethnographic technique case. I have also provided you the detailed rubric where all the guidelines and the requirements are provided. read the case study carefully and please academic journals,newspapers , magazines and etc to search the information , collect everything to enrich your analysis and discard irrelevant material . critically evaluate and add to the existing information provided in your case study by: continuing to read journal, newspaers and magazines articles, looking for current event type, observing the industry based on . Please note that for that assignment we are required to the extensive amount of reserach conducted in the discipline of marketing . Please do not solely provide your opinions, personal experience and any irrelevant info

1. Conduct a 5Cs and SWOT analyses for Rich’s Products including consideration of the characteristics and trends of the healthy eating product category and consumer market, and future opportunities. Justify your analysis using appropriate sources and supporting evidence from the case and other relevant secondary research.

Page 4 of 8      2. From your research of the case and other relevant secondary data sources, how do you perceive the future market for healthy foods for your geographic market? Identify two consumer segments that Rich’s Products could target (either in the case or not). Describe each segment (e.g., size, growth, et cetera) and create a Buyer Persona describing for each, the segment’s profile, activities, preferences, motivations, and pain points. For the identified segments and personas, summarise how they are different or similar from each other. For each Buyer Persona, , how can the consumer perceptions researched and presented by you be addressed by which Rich’s Products? For each segment, evaluate the competitors of healthy eating products and brands who may have entered or have the potential to enter the geographic market. Use elements of consumer behavior and market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) theory to inform your response.   3. How can Rich’s Products proceed and what STP strategy or strategies would you recommend for Rich’s Products based on your findings to Q1 and Q2? What one target market from Q2 do you recommend Rich’s Products focus on going forward and why? What value proposition, positioning strategy and product(s) would you recommend for this target market? Craft a perceptual map and positioning statement linking the products to your recommended positioning strategy for this target market being mindful of what ethical concerns should be considered when marketing healthy eating products and how Rich’s Products should tackle these. How do consumers understand various terms about dietary habits? Are “healthy eating,” “organic foods,” and “local sourcing” always the same thing? Are consumers themselves clear about these terms? What importance does this have for Rich’s Products?  4. What other marketing research methods do you recommend to senior management as a follow-up to the ethnography conducted to strengthen the understanding of the healthy eating lifestyle in your geographic market? Provide a detailed research proposal for one of these marketing research methods, including the research process design, research problem/objectives, data analysis procedures and expected marketing insights it should produce. Support your research proposal with relevant theory and justification for your selected marketing research method. In your Appendix (i.e., excluded from the word limit), provide the instruments to be used.  Your arguments need to be supported by your understanding of the company’s strategy, strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages identified in Q1, in combination with your expectation of the market identified in Q2, with supporting justifications from the case, other sources, relevant theory, your analysis, and acknowledgement of any assumptions. In other words, your solutions to the problems identified in each question should draw on evidence and insights from the case and other relevant sources, and show strong integration across the questions of insights and understanding gleaned from your analysis.

Page 5 of 8     Case Study: Rich’s Products and Healthy Eating Consumers: Corporate Ethnographic Techniques Barretta, Paul G. & Barrett, Molly (2016) Rich’s Products and Healthy Eating Consumers: Corporate Ethnographic Techniques. SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Originals.  The case study can be found within the Assessment 1 resources.  Links to other supplementary information that you could use:  Rich’s Products Website: (paste link into https if link does not work)   Presenting your case study analysis  The case analysis should be presented in “problem and solution” format. The following elements need to be included in the written analysis that you submit:  Cover page: Your final work should include a cover page with the work’s title, your names and student numbers, name and code of the unit and the date of submission. (not included in the word count).   Executive Summary (no more than 1 page in length) and Table(s) of Contents: (not included in the word count)  Main body: The main body should provide analysis of the case study problems posed in the THREE questions. Use headings and sub-headings, and figures and tables, et cetera to help explain your points and to keep your arguments concise.  References: A complete citation of all work/research of others referenced should be included in a list of references (not included in the word count). As this is a post-graduate unit, and students are required to have advanced research and critical skills, a minimum of 20 references, mostly from peer-reviewed sources, is expected. Harvard style of referencing should be used throughout the main body. Your analysis needs to be based on your own external research using quality external sources. Assignments that only draw from the case, prescribed textbook and readings, and rudimentary or questionable webpages (e.g., Wikipedia, the Online MBA), or other textbooks are unlikely to be awarded a pass grade.  Word limit  Please note that 3000 words is the word limit for ALL assignments – quantity does not equal quality. The word limit includes all material that you wish the assessor to read. This includes tables and figures. The cover page, Executive Summary, Table(s) of Contents and reference list are not

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