Chapter 3 and finishing

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Put chapters 1, 2 and 3 together with ToC.

Chapter 1: (which you wrote already):
Please add a section or two sections for chapter 1- a couple of paragraphs to highlight the horror story:
Statistics on the incidence of addiction and drug abuse can be helpful since for everyone of those adults, there are likely family members who are impacted. So you can quote those alarming facts and make that point. There may be a few stats on the mental health implications and the cost of health care from drug abuse in terms of number of people who access health care and are being housed in prison as a result of drug offenses. The social cost is enormous and the current opiod addiction is really adding to the cost.
This dissertation is focused on an amazing approach that family members can use for healing.

Write Chapter 3: The Method Chapter should:

Show the logical relationship between the research question and the method of research

Identify the rationale for choosing the method

Explain participant selection, recruitment, and rationale including inclusion and exclusion criteria

Discuss sample size

Discuss assessments and/or measures

Present major elements of research procedure in chronological order

Describe your data collection procedure and

Describe the process of data analysis

Address ethical treatment of human participants

Identify the limitations and delimitations of your study

Include Informed Consent form. Use the Informed Consent from the sample minis as a template

From professor: Over the next few days, you will be composing Chapter 3, the Methods Chapter. This chapter is fairly structured as to the pieces that need to be included.I am including three articles here that may be useful. One is a Qualitative Research Methods Study Guide. This document lists articles and sources for learning more about your research method. Find your research method in the Table of Contents and go to that section for an excellent bibliography.The other two papers describe the process of Thematic Content Analysis (TCA). If you are doing qualitative research, then you will likely be using TCA as a part of your data analysis. These two articles are excellent sources of information for how to accomplish that. Feel free to cite these articles and quote from them.

I strongly encourage you to find a couple of theses or dissertations that use a similar method to yours, and notice how the method is described and some of the citations that are included. Use these samples as a model for your own chapter. It is not cheating to use the structure and citations from others as a model. Just make sure you put everything in your own words. If you cannot find a dissertation using your method ask members of your cohort or contact the instructor.

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