chapter 27 assignment

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Palliative care is an immensely important topic for nurses and there are plenty of jobs available. there is a great demand that far exceeds supply which means that the salaries are high and getting better all the time. this is a special kind of nursing also where the connection with the patient is very personal and patients need an enormous amount of empathy to get through this difficult stage of life. there are many companies locally that hire nurses, both small and large. Vista is an example of a large company and they cover all three countries.

ETHICAL PRACTICES IN END-OF-LIFE CARE: Goals of care Objectives identified through shared decision making that can be guides for treatment. Examples include cure, maintaining function, prolonging life, improving quality of life, relieving suffering, relieving pain, a dignified death. Goals of care should be discussed with a focus on what outcomes are achievable (i.e., dictated by the patient’s prognosis) and what is desired by the patient. Palliative care Palliative care is an approach to life–threatening chronic illnesses and care near the end of life that combines active and compassionate therapies to comfort and support patients and their families. Palliative care strives to meet physical needs through pain and symptom relief and maintaining quality of life while emphasizing the patient’s and family’s rights to participate in informed discussion and to make choices. This patient– and family–centered approach uses the skills of interdisciplinary team members to provide a comprehensive continuum of care that includes attention to physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The principles of palliative care can be applied throughout the disease course, even when death is not near and/or when the goals of care are to maximize length of survival. Self– determination The right of individuals to make decisions for themselves and to have decisions made in accordance with their preferences and values even after they have lost capacity to make decisions themselves. Shared decision making The process of collaboration between clinician and patient in making health care decisions, to which the clinician contributes his or her expert knowledge and compassion, and the patient his or her values, preferences, and goals for care.

Write your reflection(s) about why you answered incorrectly. Do this with at least two questions that you answered incorrectly. You can do more if you feel so inclined. Make up two questions about the topics above and reflect about them

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