Chapter 1 Communication is symbolic

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Weekly articles
Each week, the student should read the corresponding chapter from the text, pull out a theme
from the chapter, and find an outside story or article (print media, digital media, video, and audiofile are
all acceptable) and write an essay explaining the theme, the outside source, and how they correlate.
Example: A theme in Chapter 1 is “Communication is symbolic”. If I found an article about John Carlos
and Tommie Smith raising their fist at the 1968 Olympics, my first paragraph may introduce the idea of
symbolic communication and what it means, my second paragraph would show symbolic
communication in action (discussion of the 1968 Olympic event and the gesture), and in my closing
paragraph, I would discuss the symbolism of that gesture and what it represented (or “said”) on such a
large stage.
– Should have cover page with title of paper, chapter discussed, student name, professor name,
date, class, and semester and year
– Body of work: Three (3) paragraph minimum. Five (5) sentences per paragraph minimum.
– Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font, 11pt. double spaced
– Reference page: At least two cited sources (the textbook and the outside source) in APA format,
and formatted correctly
Pro Tip:
– Microsoft Word can assist in formatting by using the tabs at the top of the screen under
References. It allows you to cite your sources by finding the type of source and inputting the
necessary information.
– If you make one cover sheet correctly, you can save it on a flash drive and use for every
assignment by editing the information as necessary.
This assignment is designed to enhance your writing skills to a collegiate standing, and see theory play
out in the real world.

the used book is :

Understanding Human Communication

Thirteenth Edition

Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pré

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