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change blindness empirical report



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change blindness empirical report

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collect and analyse data on the topic of change blidness and write up your finding as an empirical report. ( data SPSS 25)

I would like to add few information regarding my assignment, the report needs to be based on my data, but also book and two extra sources, they call it peer reviewed psychology journal articles, where I need to attach the references as well. what is the best way to send you the details from my SPPS 25.regarding the participants who took part in experiment?



There are couple of pages of instructions attached

All the spss numbers are after experiment taken on students from the university that I do.

They ask me to collect and analyse data on topic of change blindness and write up the findings as an empirical report with using data from SPSS.  Conducted my statistical analysis and consider the results everything based on this numbers. They are three stages data collections, data analysis and report writing. The picture of the book that I have send provide a useful background on research into change blindness.and what I understand I need to chose the best method (maybe the simplest) to use in my report and decide which analysis is the most appropriate for my data set, so it mean I need to use some test or statistical decision tree. They say remember to consider how many independence variables (IVs) I have , and how many levels IV (s) have. Whenever the relevant statistical test is chosen they do analysis. To be honest I am not sure what kind of test it had to be chosen to this.( Do you know?) After analysis save both ,the data and the output file I need to submit my output file along with my completed report.

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