cause effect essay 5

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: In this essay, you will be asked to analyze the experience of

another person (as related in one of the essays listed below) in terms of Control


In other words, why did the author of the essay do what she or he did? You can rely

on own your understanding of human nature as well as what you learned about

Control Theory from the Narration assignment, and of course, the author’s own

explanation, if one is given in the essay. Does the author’s explanation make sense

to you? Why or why not? How would you explain the motives and actions of the

main characters in terms of Control Theory?

Carefully read the essay you choose, then write a well- developed, multi-paragraph

(750 word minimum) cause-effect analysis essay of the events in the story. Essays

which do not meet the minimum length requirement can earn no better than a grade

of “D,” which is not passing.


Sandra Cisneros, “Only Daughter,” SCC, 94 (link)

Gary Shteyngart, “Sixty-Nine Cents,” SCC, 94 (link)

Due dates:

Discussion due by end of day (11:59 pm) Monday, Feb. 11; Final essay

due by 11:59 pm Monday, Feb. 25


Read the questions about the essay you have chosen under


and discuss them with other students who have chosen the same essay

to analyze. Then begin writing of your cause-effect analysis essay. Be sure that

your essay does not just summarize, or retell the story; your essay should explain

why certain causes led to specific events. Choose to focus on what you think are

the most interesting, or most important events in the story.

Additional Reading:

For an explanation of the concept of Cause-Effect Analysis,

read SCC, Chapter 3.7, 119-121. For help in writing the essay, read SCC, Chapter

2, The Writing Process, (Prewriting, Outlining Drafting), 44-68.

Submission Format

: Follow the instructions for submitting the final essay given

with the submission link in the module. The essay must be typed following MLA

format conventions: double-spaced, one inch margins, headings at upper left

corner, title centered on the next line below the heading, last name and page

number at upper right corner. Please use 12-point Times New Roman (or

something similar and plain) for your font style and size. Failure to use MLA

format may result in a failing grade. Submit your essay to Canvas in MS Word

(.doc or .docx) or Adobe Portable Document (.pdf) as these formats allow me to

make comments on your essay and give you feedback. Other formats are not



The final essay is a required assignment, and must be submitted to earn a

passing grade in the course. Essays are graded with the ENGL 1013 essay rubric

posted on Canvas under the Syllabus tab.

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