consequentialism as an ethical theory

Consequentialism is an ethical theory which holds that we can evaluate the value our actions entirely by weighing their consequences. Different forms of consequentialism describe different standards and methods for weighing those consequences. A popular form of consequentialism is called “utilitarianism”, and weighs consequences in terms of their “utility”, or the “happiness” they cause. The utilitarian argues that for any creature that can feel pleasure or pain (the so-called “sentient creatures”), happiness represents an intrinsic good, and suffering an intrinsic bad. Therefore, the ethical thing to do is to always try to maximize happiness for the greatest number of sentient creatures. Utilitarians believe that our primary ethical obligation is to increase the overall happiness, and that we should act in a way that maximizes “the greatest happiness for the greatest number”.


Consider various cases or examples described below, and how a consequentialist might reason about the case. Do you agree or disagree with the consequentialist evaluation of the case? This week also introduces the controversial Ford Pinto case, which we will continue to explore for the next several weeks, so no matter what you write about this week try to familiarize yourself with this case.

Required readings:

Optional readings:

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discusses question 250 words two responses each one is 100 words


Anderson discusses Writing Reader-Centered Instant Messages. Only the speed of the message is acknowledged and this is acknowledged as a benefit in terms of being reading-centered. Do you agree that Instant-messaging is an effective method for technical communication? Is it too informal for professional communications? (250 words)


Respond to two of your peers in reaction to their perspective on the professional aspects of instant messaging. You may elect to comment on text messaging and other forms of quick communication in your reflection process. 100 words (minimum, per response).

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information technology 109


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thinking and launguage

What is the relationship between thinking and language?

Just 250-300 words. No essay format needed

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stress management presentation

I have attached the area of evaluation that will be based on. nothing much just make it with easy common words 5 minutes long . state the points on the powerpoint and then down on the notes write down what i’m supposed to say but please make it simple and straight to the point following all the instrections

The presentation needs to be 10 minutes in length and should visually explain your Stress Management Research Paper. Your presentation also needs to include a teaching demonstration of one of the stress management techniques that you selected in your paper (for 5 minutes or less). Be creative and use visuals in PowerPoint form. Visual aids will be needed to receive full credit for the final presentation. Please explain the components of what was written in your research paper in a clear, organized format. Please let me know ahead of time if you have special circumstances. Presentations and demonstrations must be given on the day assigned. Please submit your presentation online on Canvas on the day of your presentation.

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power of effective communication discussion

Today, you received an invitation from the president of the school board asking you to deliver an informative speech at Everytown High School. Because students at Everytown High School are currently studying Global Warming, the president of the school board would like for you to address this topic as well.

Review the sources listed below and choose the one you would use in your informative speech. Explain why the source is a good choice.

  • Option A: A book entitled The Guide to Global Warming (published in 2015)
  • Option B: A pre-recorded interview with an employee at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • Option C: A documentary film explaining Global Warming

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discuss using applied logic

In this module, you will examine sample data sets that you can use to practice critical skills and activities. You will identify the ways that you can format data to be visually appealing and digestible, and you will participate in a discussion about how you will use applied logic to answer critical questions. You will explore functions in Excel, including using Nested IF statements.

In order to make the most informed business decisions, you need to be able to compare data quickly and efficiently. Logical operators help you do this by comparing data from cell to cell.

Oftentimes the Boolean result of true or false will not be the best-fit response you desire in order to inform your business decisions. Nested IF statements use logic that can transform your previously ambiguous results and give you a more well-defined outcome depending on your analysis needs.

Organized data sets with visual appeal provide the most benefits to us and to our readers. Conditional formatting is vital to improving visual clarity and can provide quick cues or indicators about what the data is showing. There are many different formatting options for you to add flavor and clarity to your data sets.

How can you apply logic to the data you work with to make decisions more efficiently?


Create a post in which you offer one or two specific ideas of how you will put the strategies in this module into action in your work today.

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state s rules review worksheet 2

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines. The state in question is Maryland.

This assignment meets the following NASAC Standards:

47) Inform the client of his/her confidentiality rights, program procedures that safeguard them, and the exceptions imposed by statute.

60) Establish accurate treatment expectations for the client and involved significant others, including: (a) Nature of services (b) Program goals (c) Program procedures (d) Rules regarding client conduct (e) Schedule of treatment activities (e) Costs of treatment (f) Factors affecting duration of care (g) Client rights and responsibilities.

110) Protect client rights to privacy and confidentiality in the preparation and handling of records, especially in relation to the communication of client information with third parties.

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discussion board 3 20

To start, please watch this video:

This is the link to search inside yourself… ( Read chapter one** I will give the logins)

This is the link to Intercultural communication in contexts ( read chapter 4***…

We are already in week 5 of this semester! I hope you have already started to read Search Inside Yourself (SIY) and it is challenging your current ways of thinking. Some of you may believe whole-heartedly in what this book advocates for, and others may still be a bit skeptical; either way, that is okay. Regardless, I am appreciative of you opening your minds and exploring different types of knowledge. Much of what SIY discusses has sincerely changed my life. Through meditation and positive thinking, I have learned to control my emotions and accomplish more than I could have imagined prior to my own discoveries of what SIY teaches.

I would like this week’s reflection to be a chance to search inside yourselves and discover a bit more about your identity. An identity which you have the ability to create, and recreate, and then recreate again if you feel the urge to do so. Always remember, the footprint and impact you choose to leave on this planet and our society is YOUR choice. Contrary to all the naysayers, this is YOUR life. Contrary to all the negative energy you may come across that seems so hard to avoid and not let affect you, this is YOUR life.

One of the joys I hope to bring to your lives is the discovery that you do in fact control your attitude, your future, and the influence you have on others around you (whether good or bad, this is your choice). Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of hatred circumventing our existence. This hatred spreads like wildfire and causes much violence and unrest within and across the many cultures of the world. Where and when does it stop? It stops from the realization that not only do you NOT have to be a part of it, but you can actually reverse it by spreading kindness and compassion to others. Kindness and compassion are contagious and can be taught and learned.

One way I have learned to teach this is by showing others how to reflect on their daily habits and unveil the subconscious thoughts and attitudes that perpetuate these same habits. Meditation is an amazing tool to help one search inside themselves, by using brief moments in our chaotic daily lives to think, and exist, at a much deeper level through reflection and awareness. Slow, deep, full breaths help us slow down the world around us in order to see things a bit more clearly. Clearly enough to recognize the potential that you possess. The potential to help others in need. The potential to bring a greater sense of fulfillment to your own lives.

Now, please watch this video.

Take a moment at this point to sit up in a tall, comfortable position……. and breath…… slow…. deep…. breaths…. please take as long as feels good here before you continue….

Hopefully you are feeling a bit more relaxed and thinking a bit more clearly now. Maintaining your composure, please answer the following questions. Be honest. As always, no judgment on my end. Since your classmates may also be reading your post only share what you feel comfortable with others reading. *Be sure your total response is at least 500 words.

(1) Are you happy with what is currently going on in your life? Why? Why not?

(2) Envisioning your ideal future, what are a few major achievements you will fulfill?

(3) What are your honest thoughts about and past experiences with meditation? (I 100% promise I would never make a negative judgment based on your response).

(4) Why do you think you feel this way?

(5) Do you believe you are in control of your life? Why is this?

(6) What is your favorite and least favorite parts of Search Inside Yourself so far. Be specific (as in include page numbers, etc.)

(7) What do you think is the connection between Search Inside Yourself and Intercultural Communication Competence?

For your response to five of your classmates ( I have attached the 5 student’s responses to this question), please focus on using questions 6 and 7 when responding

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cognitive creativity

Sternberg defines creativity as a drive resulting in the production of something “both original and worthwhile” (Laureate Education, 2007). He suggests that creative people demonstrate non-conforming attitudes toward commonly held societal conventions that hamper their creative pursuits, as well as demonstrating a consistent drive to attend to their creative interests. Creative individuals also show a willingness to take risks as well as criticism in the interest of improving their creative work.

For this Discussion, think about ways that you have addressed problems, in particular the level of creativity you may have brought to solutions. Consider whether individuals can increase their own levels of creativity.

Post an example either of a creative solution you developed to address a problem in your life or a creative improvement upon a solution that lacked innovative qualities. Consider the notion of whether creativity can be enhanced. Post an argument for or against this assertion and explain why.

Support your response using at least scholarly 3 references. APA Format. 2-3 paragraphs.

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