case study on jack welch

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Read the case study on Jack Welch at General Electric and answer the following questions:

1. Corporate social responsibility is defined in Chapter 5 as the corporate duty to create wealth by using means that avoid harm to, protect, or enhance social assets. Did GE in the Welch era fulfill this duty? Could it have done better? What should it have done?

2. Does GE under Welch illustrate a narrower view of corporate social responsibility closer to Friedman’s view that the only social responsibility is to increase profits while obeying the last law?

3. How well did GE conform with the “General Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility” set forth in the section of the title in the chapter? (I have attached the 8 principles below, you need to talk about each one of them briefly.)

4. What are pros and cons of ranking shareholders over employees and other stakeholders? It is wrong to see employees as costs of production? Should GE have rebalanced its priorities?

5. Was GE more socially responsible corporation in the Welch era or the Immelt aftermath? In which era dud it give the most benefit to society? What lesson(s) can be learned from the differences?

The case study needs to be 4.5 – 5 PAGES, double spaced

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