case study and answer two questions

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  • Explain the different types of cultural diversity
  • Explain some of the challenges and benefits associated with working with a culturally diverse team in a virtual environment

Grading Notes:

In grading the assignment, I will be looking at the following items:

  • Quality of writing (grammar and clarity)
  • Design of report
    • It should not be formatted as an academic report, but as a business proposal
    • Do not double-space or use in-text citations (use footnotes where appropriate for citations purposes)
    • Use section headers, titles, bullet points, tables, and the like where appropriate
    • Use 12 point Times New Roman font with 1” margin on all sides
    • Paper should be no less than 3 pages but no more than 5 pages in length
  • Completeness – does it address all the issues listed above?
  • Contextualization – does it consider the various factors of the case in a serious and realistic manner?
  • Practicality – does it provide a realistic solution and clear, action-oriented recommendation
  • Concreteness – does it deal in specifics, rather than generalities?

Only reports that are very well-written, align with the criteria given above in an excellent manner, and read as though they are written as a professional report will be candidates to receive an ‘A’. Reports that do not fully address all of the points given above or fail to meet a formatting standard will automatically lose the opportunity to receive an ‘A’.

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