Case Study 2 – “Holtz Children’s Hospital

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In some of the modules throughout this course, you will be assigned a case study. These case studies represent real-world problems you could possibly face. These cases are designed to build on the material we have covered during the module. Read each case study carefully before beginning your work. Your response must be well thought-out and complete in content when submitted.

For this module, you are to:

  1. Read Case 2, “Holtz Children’s Hospital: Reducing Central Line Infections.”
  2. Respond to Assignment Questions 1, 2, and one additional question from those found at the end of the case.

Note: This case focuses on the complexities of making change happen in a hospital setting with many professions, locations, variables, and actors.

Save your assignment with your name in the file name. For example, JohnSmith_mod2.docx. Your assignment will be assessed using the Case Study 2 rubric. Submit your assignment via the course Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

I have attached the chapters for this week. Please use information/terms and items from the text (Which I have attached this weeks chapter readings)

Previous Comment Instructors: You have presented some interesting and related information in your answers but a couple answers are very brief and general. As a suggestion to strengthen future assignments, make sure that you integrate some information from our text (in addition to your casebook) that is applicable to your case analysis. You can do this by citing a supporting statement or concept that illustrates and validates your response. In addition, this also clearly indicates that you understand the material and know how it applies in real situations. It may be helpful to review my announcement “written assignment guidance” as well. . As a general guideline, you should end up with about two-thirds to a page minimum (with supporting cited material to support your answer) for each question to adequately address the questions.

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