​Case: Samsung: Overtaking Philips and Panasonic/Sony

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Case: Samsung: Overtaking Philips and Panasonic/Sony

ppt must include data, numbers, graphs,tables

we covered these chapters

Ch.7 -Vertical Integration and Outsourcing

Ch.8 – Strategic Alliances

Ch.9 – International Strategy

Ch.10 – Innovative strategies That Change the Nature of Competition

Case Objectives:

  • To examines the international strategies of Philips, Panasonic, Sony, & Samsung in the consumer electronics industry and how each was able to emerge as the world leader in the industry.
  • Philips emerged as the leader from 1920-1980 following a multi-domestic strategy
  • Panasonic (then Matsushita) overtook Philips following a global strategy that treated the world as a single market and provided cost advantages.
  • Samsung overtook Panasonic/Sony following a transnational strategy that successfully allowed for local differentiation on some dimensions.
  • To understand a firm’s options for geographic expansion as well as the important link between strategy and structure (i.e. structure follows strategy and is key to implementation of the strategy).

Study Questions:

  • How did Philips become the worldwide leader in the consumer electronics industry? How did Panasonic overtake Philips? How did Samsung overtake Panasonic and Philips? What core competencies (resources and capabilities) did each firm possess that helped it to be successful?
  • What were the key success-factors in the industry during the 1920-1980 period when Philips was the world leader? How did those key success factors change during later time periods when Panasonic and Samsung overtook Philips to become leaders in the consumer electronics industry?
  • What are the major problems/challenges that each firm faced? What additional steps should each firm take to strengthen their respective competitive positions?

Course Materials – Required

Textbook: Strategic Management – Concepts and Cases, 2nd Edition by Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, Bryce(ISBN: 978-1-119-41169-7)

You can obtain this book from Montclair bookstore or online. Please note that there might be different ISBNs associated with different formats of the book. To verify if it is the same book, check below and pay attention to the authors:



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