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Career Exploration Assignment- 15 points

The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in
exploring possible careers.  For some
this will be the first step in this process; others may already have an idea of
what direction you would like to go.  Conducting
career exploration helps relieve some of the stress we may face when making
important life choices.  Choosing an
initial goal can motivate you to complete both your educational and personal
goals.  Below are instructions for
completing this assignment and rubric for grading.

Assignment: Conduct
a self-assessment of your interests.  Write
a reflection on your findings and upload to Blackboard.

Take the O*Net Interest Profiler

a.  Go

b.  Read
the instructions, click “Next” in bottom right corner

c.  Answer
the questions

d.  View
your results.  Click on your top 3
interests (Realist, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or
Conventional) to learn more about that area.

e.  Review
Job Zones.  Select “Job Zone Four”.

Review Careers. 
You will be provided a list of job titles to review.  Click on at least 3 titles you have not considered to learn
the qualifications the jobs require.

Write a reflection on your findings.  Include the prompts below in your reflection.

a.  Define,
in your own words, your top 3 interest areas (Realist, Investigative, Artistic,
Social, Enterprising, or Conventional)?

b.  Do
you agree/disagree with these?  Why?

c.  Pick
one of the job titles you are interested in.

What are some of the knowledge, skill and ability
areas required for this career?

What type of personality and level of technology
is best suited for this career?

What education is required for this position?

What is the job outlook?

Grading Rubric
2 points- defining, in your own words, each interest area (2 points/interest
area x 3 interests = 6 pts)
3 points- agreeing or disagreeing with each of your 3 interest areas, and
explain why

1 points- knowledge, skills, and abilities required

1 points- personality and level of technology required

1 points- education required

1 points- job outlook

2 points- spelling and grammar

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