Capstone Project: Writing A Comprehensive Youth Vocational Development Program

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Assignment: Author a comprehensive :Youth Vocational Development Program” for incarcerated youth. The program needs to include the incarcerated youth identifying target careers when they get out and applying those needed characteristics while they are working in jailhouse jobs. These need to be documented by both the youth and the jailhouse employer, example would be a TA in the school area being able to point out things in their day that helped them to better themselves for their targeted job of being an XRay tech. The program needs to include


Assessment,Testing, and counseling

Individualized Learning Plans

Job Search Assistance

Soft and Technical skill development and training

Apprenticeships-paycheck,daily journal writings, monthly evaluation by work supervisor, national industry certificate, opportunity to work with recognizable companies such as CVS Health and UPS, who have registered Apprenticeship programs

Be sure to support your comprehensive plan with peer reviewed journals and scholar writings and all other scholarly evidence in APA style.

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