Capella University Body Energy Digestive and Respiratory Systems Discussion

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Energy in the Human Body

Tanya has recently stepped up her exercise routine. Often, she does not have much time to eat after the gym and is looking into energy drinks for nutrition and a boost of energy. However, she is wondering if energy drinks actually give her any energy.

All body systems need energy to function. The body fuels cells with the nutrients and gases necessary to function properly. Our bodies take in oxygen and circulate it through the bloodstream. Many chemical reactions in the body require cellular energy and need oxygen to drive these reactions. Some of these reactions function to break down and metabolize food, and as such are part of the digestive system.

As Tanya ages, her metabolism decreases. The food she eats affects the energy she needs to function. Not enough food or too much food can also affect her body functions. What can she do to get the proper nutrients without gaining weight? Take a closer look at the digestive and respiratory systems to learn about how they function in Tanya’s body and how Tanya gets energy.

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Energy drinks can be found at almost every convenience store. However, there are conflicting opinions on their validity. Research three different energy drinks such as Monster, 5-hour ENERGY, or Red Bull. Which one would you choose for Tanya to drink after an intense workout? Provide some detail about the nutritional information and calories of the drinks. Then, consider what it means to have energy. Are there healthier ingredients that can help Tanya get the energy she needs to exercise? If so, what are they?

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