can you write me song?

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So, I wrote a book., and  I need to have a song in it. Two times.

I need two versions of the same song. The first time, it’s only a first or second draft, he will get to sing it, and she loves it and she will tell him he needs to work on the rhymes.

Then I need the final version, the final song, which has to look like a song and HAS to rhyme.

Writing comes easily to me, but it seems I suck in poems! I really need help. I need original work, it will be in my book, I can’t afford a lawsuit. I will even give you credit in my book if you would like. You never know, maybe this is your chance! You will get a signed book as well! 

I put some words together, for you to get inspired, you can use it, or you can do your own version. The story of the songs:

A rock star meets the girl of his dreams on the train. he travelled the whole night, alone, he was sad, depressed, lonely. He then, meets her and they talk, and they travel for hours, he loves her laugh, and her talks and they fall in love. he wonders if she loves someone, ih she wants to stay with him, if the ride will end, etc. So, the rock star met a gilr in the train and falls in love.

So, the song  HAS to have the words train, the girl from the train, was it a dream, ( it felt like a dream, or I am dreaming? ) laugh (the whole world shines when you laugh), maybe words ( she talked and laughed a lot). 

Please bid, only if you can do original work. Thank you so much! 

SONG “Girl from the train”

some random thoughts for your inspiration

There was a lonely train, and a lonely ride

And suddenly I saw your smile

You were nervous, and you were shy, 

And it felt I know you for ages

You are here, yet I am longing for you

I need to feel your soul, 

and I need to tough your  hair.

Are you a dream? 

Or there is a tomorrow?

Please be my girl from the train

There was a lonely train and a lonely ride

And your laugh brought me alive

The whole world is shining with you

the winter melts when you are laughing

there is summer in you laugh

and there is summer in your words.

I had to know what are your thoughts, 

I wanted to know who makes you cry,

and I needed to touch your hair and ease your pain.

I was wondering who is laughing with you

And I was hoping you will stay

It used to be a lonely ride, But now I found my dream girl

I wish this ride to last forever

because I found a girl in the train

a girl who makes me smile, and laugh

a girl who needs love

this is my girl from the train


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