Can you define these?

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Define, explain, and give examples of the following using the language of social psychology

(S.P.) used in the text. When one of these ideas is credited to a specific name or names, be

certain to give the names.

I. Define these concepts in developing the Self:

a. Socialization

b. Preparatory stage

c. Play state

d. Game stage

e. Looking-glass self

f. Generalized other

g. Racial socialization

h. Gender socialization

i. Children’s cultural routines

j. Idiocultures

II. Define these concepts in Structural and Time Dimensions of Socialization:

a. Life events

b. Agents of socialization

c. Life course

d. Historical and social context

e. Timing

f. Linked lives

g. Agency

h. Birth cohort

i. Life stages

j. Turning point

k. Pygmalion effect

l. Popular clique

m. Wannabes

n. Middle friendship circles

o. Social isolates

III. Define referential beliefs in Group Processes and Socialization.

Chapter 6 Self-Application over lecture

Give examples of how suggestions in the lecture “MEAD AND THE OTHER SHOE,” might

have helped you if you had followed them at critical times in your life when you conflicted with

others. Please refer to the lecture “MEAD AND THE OTHER SHOE”

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